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Urinal water wasting:

Water saving measures with our full room sensor contolled system that reduces bills from urinals.

Sensazone is an intelligent PIR sensor which controls the water flow to the washroom with solenoid valves. When sensazone detects a user entering the washroom it activates the solenoid valves to allow water to flow into the washroom. If no motion has been detected for a user configurable time of either 15 or 30 minutes, the valve will close the water supply to the area until further movement is detected.
If a washroom outlet is defective or tampered with, water from the mains or central supply can pass uncontrolled through the outlet valves such as taps or WCs. This waste of water can often pass undetected and cause considerable costs. As the sensazone controls the flow of water into the washroom area at the entry point, the water is prevented from passing uncontrolled through the damaged outlet, which eliminates the risk of water wastage or flooding during vacant periods.
Taps water wasting and possible flooding:

The Novaspout is a no-touch panel mounted basin spout. It is activated when a user’s hands are presented to the infrared sensor which is positioned near the spout. The deck mounted Novatap operates in the same way but has an integral solenoid and sensor. Periodic hygiene rinses reduce the risk of microbial contamination such as legionella building up in the pipework to the tap.
Save Water:
The Novaspout and Novatap automatically switch off 2 seconds after the user’s hands are moved away, therefore eliminating the risk of wasting water. The anti-vandal feature closes the taps after 60 seconds of continuous flow. This is helpful if, for example, chewing gum is placed over the sensor. 

Toilet and wc water regulating:

The Easyflush wave and walkaway valves provide no-touch flushing and filling of the WC. The wave is operated by the user passing their hand in front of the sensor while the walkaway is automatically activated when the user stands up or leaves the cubicle. 

The Easyflush inlet float valve operates with a delayed action, which only allows the cistern to begin refilling after it has been completely emptied and the outlet valve has closed. Easyflush also includes programmable part and full flushes, which allows the installer to minimise the amount of water required during each flush, but ensures sufficient water is provided

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