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Disabled toilets insalled for less abled people

About is a sub section of Ripples Bathrooms Dublin, so you're not just getting a part time installer to build your bathroom, you're getting the market leaders in bathrooms, with over 40 years' experience building the finest bathrooms in Dublin.

All our staff are professional experts in their field and are trained to make your home bathroom renovation experience as little of a disturbance as possible.
We are one of the only Disabled bathroom fitting companies in Dublin that specialises in the start to finish works and hassle free project supervision.
With our service you not only get your bathroom renovated to work easier, because we appreciate the small qualities that clients like yourself expect, such as:

  • PVC protective carpet protection on your floors
  • The area that we work in is vacuumed each day before finishing
  • Friendly, trained staff
  • Expert staff for advice if required on site
  • After the order on works is agreed your project is in our hands,
    making it hassle free for you

Little things that we provide making your bathroom transformation or upgrade EASY!

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